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  • Lessons 5
  • Quizzes 2
  • Assignments 2
  • Discussions 2
  • Duration 365 Days
  • Students 28
  • Certificates Yes
  • Badges No

(3 CPE Credit Hours) Response to intervention programs are reviewed, and a justification for its use in improving academic performance are outlined in this training. Differentiated instruction is explored as a fundamental component of intervention processes inside and out of the classroom.  Participants learn how instruction in the classroom can best support a response to intervention model.

Course Guiding Question

What is response to intervention, why is it important for students, and how can it appropriately be implemented into my classroom?

What You Will Learn In This Course

The response to intervention model
Applications in the classroom

Resources Included in this Course

  • Interventions Guide
  • Student RTI Summary
  • Student RTI Tracker
  • Interventions Plan Template

CPE Credits

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a certificate for 3 CPE credits hours.  Action Potential Learning is a Statewide, TEA (Texas Education Agency) approved provider for Continuing Professional Education credit.  CPE# 902-391

About The Instructor

Monique Carlisle
Monique Carlisle

B.S. Education
Applied Learning & Development
University of Texas at Austin



Experience & Credentials
Over 11 Years of Teaching or Tutoring Experience
Former Elementary-Level Teacher
Montessori Certification
G/T Student Performance &
Curriculum Trained
Experience With Students With Learning Disabilities

  • Section 1 - RTI Fundamentals

  • lesson
    Intro to RTI Section 1 – Introduction
    10 minutes
  • lesson
    Intro to RTI Section 1 – Lesson
    20 minutes
  • assignment
    Intro to RTI Section 1 – Reflection
    Text Based
  • Section 2 - Tiered Instruction

  • lesson
    Intro to RTI Section 2 – Lesson
    30 minutes
  • quiz
    Intro to RTI Section 2 – Quiz
    6 questions
  • discussion
    Intro to RTI Section 2 – Reflection
  • Section 3 - Data

  • lesson
    Intro to RTI Section 3 – Lesson
    30 minutes
  • discussion
    Intro to RTI Section 3 – Reflection
  • Section 4 - Putting it All Together

  • assignment
    Intro to RTI Section 4 – Putting it All Together
    File Upload
  • Section 5 - Applying What You Have Learned

  • lesson
    Intro to RTI Section 5 – Applying What You Have Learned
    30 minutes
  • quiz
    Final Course Survey
    6 questions

Action Potential

Our online professional development courses provide educators a range of opportunities for individual growth and development. Our courses are focused on ensuring teachers can help support educational excellence in every classroom. Our academic-based classes cover key themes such as depth of mastery in course content, inquiry-based learning, classroom management, literacy learning, expository writing strategies, response to intervention, and assessing student mastery, among others. In addition, we provide college and career readiness training programs designed to effectively train key school staff on how to build and execute programs that fit the needs of their campuses and students.
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