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Effective instruction requires educators to fully understand the depth of understanding in a concept for each child and to communicate this to students. Methods to check for understanding, and utilization of targeted assessments are critical for students to demonstrate knowledge and grow academically.  This training discusses strategies for teachers to develop targeted assessments as one method of checking for student understanding, and delves into the use and analysis of data as an instructional tool.

Course Guiding Question

How do I demonstrate student growth and mastery of a concept using specific assessments and methods to check for understanding, and how can I use these assessments as an instructional strategy in the classroom?

What You Will Learn In This Course

The research behind assessments to promote student achievement
Methods of assessment used to measure student academic growth and content mastery
Strategies for assessing and tracking growth over time
Strategies to incorporate mastery analysis into the instructional classroom

 CPE Credits

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a certificate for 3 CPE credit hours.  Action Potential Learning is a Statewide, TEA (Texas Education Agency) approved provider for Continuing Professional Education credit.  CPE# 902-391

About The Instructor

Monique Carlisle
Monique Carlisle

B.S. Education
Applied Learning & Development
University of Texas at Austin



Experience & Credentials
Over 11 Years of Teaching or Tutoring Experience
Former Elementary-Level Teacher
Montessori Certification
G/T Student Performance &
Curriculum Trained
Experience With Students With Learning Disabilities


Action Potential

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